Ontmoet de makers en de topspelers die ermee spelen. Bekijk het bijzonder verhaal van Cork Padel.

Over Cork Padel

Nicolau Silva, the creator of Cork Padel started with a passion for padel rackets restoration. He was so surprised about the use of low quality materials they use in factory made rackets that he decided to create the ‘perfect padelracket’. An obsession that took 10 years of developing before he finally found the perfect combination of structure, design en use of high quality materials.

Pedro Plantier, founding member of the Portuguese Padel Federation and the first national champion of this sport, joined Nicolau in his adventure to build a unique and magic brand of padelrackets and stylish bags that are different in every way. Together, they started a promising journey that lead an overwhelming international succes with a large fan base all over the world.

Today, Cork Padel is known for its unique look. For its great feel. For the control, comfort and power that effortlessly appear when you play. Why not just say it the way it is? Cork Padel rackets are the best looking and best playing padel rackets in the world.

Wat maakt Cork Padel zo anders dan andere rackets?

1 keer spelen en je bent verkocht. Je moet het ervaren!


By padelplayers who know what you want. And have the specific worksmanship to make it true!


No racket is alike. Each one is made by hand. And with love.


And sustainable! Unique qualities of a product made by mother earth… Cork!
Strength caused by internal reinforcements with Kevlar. Cork Padel rackets are very hard to break.

Ideal Weight

Great feel. Movable. As light or heavy as you want.
Soft materials make it hard to beat you.
You can mention your preferred weight when you order.


The unique patented vibration technology provides comfort and control. It prevents injury and unnecessary tension in your hand, arm and shoulder.


You can add your name, logo, signature or even an image. It will make your handmade racket more unique and yourself more distinguished.

Speel relaxed, natuurlijk en moeiteloos.
Net als je Cork Padel racket.